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  • Profile Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Internal Grinding
  • Surface Grinding
  • Crush From Grindings
  • Jig Grinding
  • Flat Lapping
  • Super Finishing 

New England Carbide has a variety of grinding capabilities to meet the needs of our customers.

We specialize in precision grinding applications, holding tolerances of +/- .0001 in tungsten carbide, boron carbide, ceramics, and high-speed steels.

Expert Technical Assistance
When our clients come to us for tooling, we have the knowledge to assist them with several components of their manufacturing process. Some of the areas where we can offer our technical expertise are discussed below.
Material Selection:

Although "carbide" is in our name and a specialty of ours, we have extensive experience designing tooling and parts in other materials as well, such as tool steel, high-speed steel, cermaics, and abrasion-resistant thermally-coated materials. Of course, we are extremely familiar with the various grades of tungsten carbide and boron carbide and can help our clients choose the proper material to meet their project objectives.

Project Example:
One of New England Carbide's clients is a manufacturer of precision aerospace and automotive parts. This company was previously using Grade C-2 tungsten carbide as the material for their crush rolls used to form their grinding wheels. Working with one of our carbide vendors, New England Carbide had developed a special grade of carbide with increased abrasion resistance (NEC 945 Carbide). We implemented this material change with our client, resulting in the production of more than 5 times the number of parts between regrinds, reducing both operating costs and downtime.
Grinding Media Guidance:
New England Carbide has helped many of our customers select the proper grinding wheel for their applications. The form to be ground, including its depth, width, and the size of radii can influence the selection of the grinding wheel parameters, which include hardness, particle size, abrasive gain type, and bond. New England Carbide has extensive experience using a variety of grinding wheels, including conventional abrasives (e.g. aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, SolGel) and super abrasives (e.g. diamond, CBN). We specialize in holding tight tolerances and would be happy to assist you with your grinding applications.
Tooling Design:
New England Carbide can design crush rolls and other tools from your part prints. We will adjust the tolerances of our tooling to meet the specifications of your parts, while optimizing tool life and part quality.

Strategic Partnerships


New England Carbide has developed strategic partnerships over the years with other specialty manufacturers that supplement our in-house manufacturing capabilities. Some of our partners specialize in thermal spray coating, laser marking, large capacity grinding, and large-volume parts manufacturing.